Dark spots on the vulva or testicles

If you have come to this article, it may be because you are concerned about some dark, black, purplish patches that you have discovered in the genital area (vulva or scrotal skin).

It is likely that these are angiokeratomas. As a dermatologist, I will explain what they are and how they are treated.

What are the dark spots on the vulva or on the testicles?

These dark spots on the genitals are called angiokeratomas. They are small bumps, usually less than a millimeter in size, that can be seen in the genital area. They appear on the labia majora in girls and on the skin of the testicles in boys.

They are typical of adulthood. They can be seen from the age of 20.

They do not hurt or itch. Occasionally, some may bleed slightly, usually as a result of minor trauma. They are not usually bothersome.

How is a black spot on the vulva or on the testicles diagnosed?

Usually dermatologists (either in person or online) diagnose angiokeratomas with a simple physical examination. Rarely do we need additional tests to make the diagnosis.

How are angiokeratomas treated?

From a medical point of view and in my experience, no treatment is necessary. They are benign lesions that usually do not grow and do not pose a health risk. They are also not contagious.

If you wish to remove them for comfort or aesthetic reasons, this can be done in a doctor’s office with an electric scalpel or laser.

Are you concerned about your black spots on your genitals (angiokeratomas)?

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